Bowsette Crown .stl Downloadable File


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Bowsette Crown .stl files ready for 3D printing ——- This is a digital file!

The crown is ready to print and is sliced in different parts so you can print them directly in the required colours (yellow, pink, white and black). We’ve already inserted a tolerance between the parts so that they easily fit together in order to be glued.

The ZIP file contains the following item files:
1x Crown (print it in yellow)
1x Mushroom (print it in pink)
2x Mushroom sides (print it in white)
1x Top Ball (print it in yellow)
2x Eyes (print it in black)
1x Whole Mushroom (print in pink) NOTE: this is an extra piece in case you don’t want to print the white sides.

Any questions, please ask.
This digital file is for personal use only. No selling of the files or 3D prints is permitted. There are no refunds for this item due to it being a digital file.

This is not a licensed product and is considered fan art for cosplay and entertainment purposes only. The shop does not claim ownership over the image of the item.